The Co-Cities report: building a Co-Cities Index

Abstract: "The Co-Cities Open Book is the result of years of research and experimentations on the field to investigate new forms of collaborative city-making that are pushing urban areas towards new frontiers of collaborative urban governance, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, social innovation and neighborhood economy.

  • This open book has roots in our conceptualization of the ‘City as a Commons’, the emerging academic field of urban commons studies as well as urban co-governance and the work developed in 5 years of urban experimentations in Italy and around the world. Structured around three main pillars, the Co-Cities Open Book will first provide scholars, practitioners and policymakers with an overview of the theory and methodology of the Co-City with the “Co-Cities Protocol”.
  • The open book also presents the “Co-Cities report”, the results of an extensive research project in which we extracted from, and measured the existence of, Co-City design principles in a database of 500+ case studies in 150 cities worldwide. Ultimately, thanks to the Co-Cities report we were able to create an index capable to measure how cities are implementing the right to the city through co-governance.
  • Thus, the Co-Cities index serves as a fundamental tool for the international community in order to measure the implementation of some of the objectives that have been set by the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The last section of the book consists in an appendix of articles of some of the most important researchers and practitioners studying the urban commons. These essays were conceived and offered as part of “The City as a Commons” conference, the first IASC (International Association for the Study of the Commons) conference on urban commons, co-chaired by Christian Iaione and Sheila Foster, that took place in Bologna on November 6 and 7, 2015."

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Développement des communautés - Enjeux, leviers et stratégies
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Urbanité, Participation et citoyenne, Aménagement du territoire, urbanisme et habitation, S'inspirer, Réfléchir

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