75 SHOTS Pocket Cinema is a member-driven non-profit organization with the mission to fight against the persecution and criminalization of LGBTQ+ artists from countries in which homosexuality is still criminalized. We empower disenfranchised LGBTQ+ voices and expand mainstream storytelling narratives on our online platforms. Using digital media and art, our productions create international communities through collaborations, mentorships and development of artistic practices in a safe environment.


Empowering LGBTQ+ individuals in repressive nations through comprehensive training initiatives. Our approach involves both in-person and virtual public community screenings, coupled with engaging panel discussions. Additionally, we curate and present a diverse range of independent films, ingeniously crafted using smartphones. These films not only revel in individual distinctions and unity but also champion unfettered self-expression, immigrant narratives, cultural and sexual identities, as well as intercultural relationships. Through our efforts, we facilitate genuine self-portrayal, providing the queer community with a platform to amplify their voices to a wider audience. Notably, we shine a spotlight on films originating from oppressive regimes, further amplifying their significance. This democratization of filmmaking, through the use of smartphones, underscores our commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

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Inspiring Projects/Projets inspirants, Multimedia (videos/podcasts/apps/etc.) /Multimédia (vidéos/balados/apps/etc.), Websites and Blogs/Sites internet et blogues, Accessibility/Accessibilité, English, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion/Équité, diversité, inclusion, Public Engagement and(or) Community Outreach/Activités publiques et (ou) médiation culturelle, Collaboration and Co-creation/Collaboration et co-création, Emergent Technologies and Trends/Technologies émergentes et tendances, Data-related practices and digital workflow/Pratiques liées aux données et flux de travail numérique, Training, Recruitment, and Professional Development/Formation, recrutement et développement professionnel


4271 rue Chambord, Montréal, QC, H2J 3M3, Canada

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