CultureBrew.Art - A searchable database of Indigenous and racialized artists across disciplines, across Canada

CultureBrew.Art aims to support efforts to increase representation, diversity, equity and inclusion in the arts sector and beyond as we search for artists across disciplines to participate on panels, be curated for shows, be hired for projects and more.

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CultureBrew.Art (CBA) is a digital platform that promotes and fosters intersectional interculturalism throughout the performing, literary, and media arts. Its central tool is a national searchable database of Indigenous and racialized artists – actors, writers, singers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, directors, designers, composers, choreographers, stage managers, and other arts and culture professionals – to which theaters, dance and opera companies, film/TV casting professionals, indie directors/producers, schools, community and social service non-profits, government agencies, media outlets, ad agencies, and more may access as subscribers.

CBA is a powerful tool for building a more inclusive arts and culture sector that more authentically reflects Canada by promoting Indigenous and racialized artists; increasing hiring opportunities for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists; and fostering intercultural connection, community, and artistic collaboration. CBA is searchable by artistic discipline, gender, racial/ethnic heritage – Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, Métis), African diaspora, East/Southeast Asian diaspora, Latin American (Latinx) diaspora, South Asian diaspora, West Asian/Southwest Asian/ North African (Middle Eastern/Arab) diaspora, mixed ethnicity – and other fields as determined by research data gathered through community consultations.

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Digital Initiatives in the Broad Visual and Media Arts Sector/Initiatives...
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4. Tools and Platforms /Outils et plateformes, 7. Events /Événements, 1. Equity and Diversity /Équité et diversité, 2. Access and inclusion /Accès et inclusion, 3. Public Engagement and Community Outreach /Engagement du public et sensibilisation de la communauté, 4. Presenting art /Diffusion d’art, 5. Collaboration and co-creation /Collaboration et co-création, 9. Professional Relations, Hiring, and Training /Relations professionnelles, recrutement et formation, English

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