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There is a practice, that has, apparently, originated among creative coders, developers, geeks, and the like, to present a list of resources, usually centred around some particular theme (a programming language, resources that address a particular technological problem, etc.) curated by someone (or a small community), and presented in a comprehensive manner. A vast amount of such lists are hosted on popular coding social platforms such as GitHub, GitLab, Codeberg, etc. The idea of these lists has spread to other life domains. This particular project lists various awesome lists contained in diverse categories.

I present the awesome list practice here as a reminder that there are so many ways in which different communities can collaborate on and organize pertinent information. Still, these endeavours lack cross-linking and comprehensive organization of information.

Another awesome list related resource: Track Awesome List

And , of course, searching for “awesome list of <your topic>” in your favourite search engine, may help you get closer to your interests.

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interConnect Web: A Gathering of Resources/Un recueil de ressources
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